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Welcome to our Virtual Samples page.

Below you can upload your logo to see it appear on all our promotional products across this site.

Simply click on "Upload a new Logo", then "Browse" to select a logo from your computer and finally "Upload". Your logo will automatically appear on products throughout this site.

You can even add multiple logos through "Upload a new Logo" and select which one to see across the site by clicking on "Select a Logo".

Adjustments can be made to your logo by clicking "Manage Logos".

**Please note:**
1. Visuals are only a guide to how each product will look with your logo and does not represent a 100% accurate representation of a final printed product. Once you place an order, we will always provide an artwork proof by email for appproval before going to print any order.
2. We recommend creating an account in the "My Account" section below before uploading logos so your logos will be remembered for future visits to our site and will be accessible by logging in on this page in the future. This will also allow you to track any enquiries or favourite products.

Virtual Sample

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